Why Are Grand Seiko and Its Heritage Collection Special?

The Philosophy Behind Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is world-renowned as one of the biggest and most reliable makers of beautiful, accurate, powerful, and revolutionary timepieces since 1960. For watch enthusiasts, aficionados, collectors, professional divers, and everyone in between, Grand Seiko is a master in the watchmaking industry that truly delivers.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection www.watchoutz.com

With their relentless pursuit to provide only top-quality, ideal watches, it is only logical to know their philosophy behind the moniker.

“Nature of Time”

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection www.watchoutz.com

Time is a never-ending quest and the makers or the “Takumi” (which means ‘artisan’ or beyond mastery of craft) at Grand Seiko are passionate and strongly driven to create timepieces that help celebrate the Japanese spirituality of time.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection www.watchoutz.com

The spirit of Takumi lives deep within every Grand Seiko watch. Their basic philosophy revolves around their dedication, attention to detail, passion, heart, and soul as they create the timepieces.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection www.watchoutz.com

Grand Seiko’s style speaks a language of elegance, practicality, purity, beauty, and precision where form and functionality are in perfect harmony just like nature and time.

In terms of Grand Seiko’s philosophy of manufacture, they are committed to designing, assembling, and crafting in-house while the Takumis are located in majestic Iwate prefecture and surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lake of Shinshu.

The Grand Seiko Heritage Collection

As Grand Seiko pays tribute to the Nature of Time and Japan’s twenty-four seasons (sekki), they created four new timepieces in their Heritage Collection as they reimagined their iconic 62GS design from 1967.

The seasons offer a poetic journey as nature awakens, blossoms, matures and settles into slumber.

For the Shunbun or the Vernal Equinox model, the design captures the spirit of the fleeting sakura season. It has a pink dial representing the sakura blossoms dancing on the water to which they call flower rafts or “hanaikada”.

The Rikka or Early Summer edition features a rich green dial that speaks of lush and waving fields of grass. This refreshing zephyr in Japanese is called kunpu.

The Shubun or The Autumnal Equinox model has a deep dark blue dial that depicts the bright moon against the dark sky or “tsuki-yo”.

The Deep Snow of Winter or the Taisetsu’s dial celebrates winter snow as it gathers and glitters against the sunlight.

Grand Seiko Japanese Seasons Heritage Collection www.watchoutz.com



Grand Seiko Heritage Collection at Watch Outz

There are several watch models to choose from in this extensive and exclusive Heritage Collection by Grand Seiko that is sure to match your personality and preference. Just like you, at Watch Outz, we are passionate about Japan-made watches that never fall short in terms of design, architecture, precision, accuracy, and quality.

62GS Mechanical Automatic Hi-Beat 36000 Early Summer “Rikka” (SGBH271) is powered by caliber 9S85 with a reserve of approximately 55 hours. The Virtual Equinox Shunbun (SBGA413) has a dual-curved sapphire glass material with an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. It boasts a high-intensity titanium case and offers a powerful reserve of 72 hours.

The Grand Seiko Heritage Collection ranges from spring drive to hi-beat series, so we also have the Limited Edition Mt. Fuji Summer Green (SBGA453), Mt. Fuji Volcanic Red (SBGA455), and Mt. Fuji Snowy Winter (SBGA451) that are made for the Chinese market which features the iconic snowflake dial to manifest and implement the Mt. Fuji spirit to the heritage collection.

Grand Seiko 2021 Chinese Limited Edition SBGA451, SBGA453, SBGA455 www.watchoutz.com

We admit that this Heritage Collection that pays tribute to Nature of Time and the twenty-four sekki is indeed one of the most special series by Grand Seiko. Something you should never miss out on as a watch collector.