Seiko 5 Sports

For over 50 years, Seiko 5 Sports has delivered consistently high levels of reliability, durability, performance, and value that have endeared it to lovers of mechanical watches worldwide. Today, with the creation of a new design and a broad new collection, this much-loved timepiece is re-born. Welcome to the new Seiko 5 Sports, a collection with all the same values but a fresh new look.

Since the first-ever Seiko 5, the Seiko Sportmatic 5, which was born in 1963. The Seiko’s and Japan’s first-ever automatic day-date watch. The number ‘’5’’ represented the main concept that every Seiko 5 watch would have five key attributes:

  • Automatic movement
  • Day-date display at the three o'clock position
  • Water resistance
  • Recessed crown at the four o'clock position
  • Case and bracelet built for durability

Here in our Watch Outz's collection of Seiko 5 Sports series, you can find the choices from the classic SKX models to the latest Seiko 5 Sports selection of styles to suit your daily needs. So, get started showing your style with the Seiko 5 Sports!

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