Casio G-Shock 6900 Series

The Casio G-Shock 6900 series was first launched in 1995. By combining the properties of its three predecessor models, the DW-5000C-1A (first G-Shock model with shock-resistant structure launched in 1983), the DW-5900C-1 ( first "Triple Graph" dial model launched in 1992) and the DW-6600-1V (first front button design for the backlight), the iconic design of DW-6900 is still loved by G-Shock fans worldwide until today.

The G-Shock 6900 series is so loved by the G-Shock fans because of its iconic bezel design that will never look outdated. Until today, many more special editions and special collaboration models are still using the 6900 model as bases, injecting with new design elements and materials, the G-Shock 6900 will carry on the legacy and heritage of the Master of Toughness in the wristwatch world. Here in WatchOutz, we provide a collection of models that will richen your collection.
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