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  • Full payment is required for all purchases and orders.
  • Using a Registered PayPal account is the ONLY payment method for placing all orders, including PRE-ORDER(S). 
  • All purchases/orders including PRE-ORDER(s) made without a registered PayPal account will be automatically cancelled. 


  • By placing an order with us means you are fully awared of and/or agreed to all the shipping information plus terms and conditions as listed in our website.
  • Once your order is confirmed and payment is processed, the shipment will be processed within 5 business days(except for PREORDERS), a confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent by us. You can then trace your shipment through the courier website accordingly. 
  • Cancellation of any order is not allowed once the order and payment is processed and confirmed.


Unless otherwise stated, all International shipping is managed by FedEx, for any details referring to Fedex services coverage or tracking of packages, please visit https://www.fedex.com/en-hk/home.html.

North America

Less than 0.25Kg : USD30.00
Less than 0.45Kg : USD50.00 

Less than 1Kg      : USD60.00
Less than 2Kg      : USD90.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD110.00
(Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days) 

United States 
Less than 0.25Kg : USD25.00
Less than 0.45Kg : USD45.00
Less than 1Kg      : USD55.00
Less than 2Kg      : USD80.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD105.00
(Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days) 

Major European Destinations

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Less than 0.25Kg : USD30.00
Less than 0.45Kg : USD50.00 
Less than 1Kg      : USD60.00
Less than 2Kg      : USD90.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD160.00
(Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days) 

Australia, New Zealand

Less than 0.25Kg : USD35.00 
Less than 0.45Kg : USD55.00 
Less than 1Kg      : USD75.00
Less than 2Kg      : USD95.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD150.00
(Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days)

Major Asian Destinations

Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam 
Less than 0.25Kg : USD15.00 #
Less than 0.45Kg : USD25.00 #
(Expected arrival: 10 - 20 business days)

# Shipment is managed by e-Express(Hong Kong Post), for any details or tracking of packages, please visit https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/mail_tracking/index.html

Less than 1Kg      : USD45.00
Less than 2Kg      : USD60.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD80.00
Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days) 

Malaysia & Taiwan
Less than 0.25Kg : USD20.00
Less than 0.45Kg : USD40.00
Less than 1Kg : USD45.00
Less than 2Kg : USD60.00
Less than 3Kg : USD80.00
(Expected arrival: 7 - 14 business days)

Other International Destinations:

(Please contact your local FedEx services hotline for services coverage and avaliability in your destination before placing order)

Less than 0.45Kg : USD95.00 
Less than 1Kg      : USD150.00 
Less than 2Kg      : USD250.00
Less than 3Kg      : USD350.00
(Expected arrival: 10 - 25 business days) 


Hong Kong and Macau (Macao)

S.F. EXPRESS (Cash On Delivery)
(Expected arrival: 2 - 5 business days)

All Hong Kong(Local) and Macau(Macao) shipping are managed by S.F. Express, for any details or tracking, please visit 


* Notes:
Ordinary Casio, Seiko, Citizen, or Orient watches with standard or regular packaging normally weight less than 1kg per piece.

Grand Seiko, Special Edition Casio, Special Edition Seiko, Special Edition Citizen, Special Edition Orient and/or other brands of high-end watch models with heavy and/or special packaging may weight around 1.25kg per piece or more.
All other watch accessories may normally weight less than 0.25kg per piece.

All packaging units are for the sole purpose to protect the product from damage only and should not be considered as part of the product, we are not responsible for any damage on the packaging during shipping/transit.

- The above information is for reference purpose only, the shipping fee is not included in the price(s) of each product and will be calculated at "Check Out".


  • Custom or import tax duties (depending on each countries’ import regulations and authorities) are subject to be charged once the item(s) reaches the customer/recipient's designated countries(locations). 
  • The customer/recipient of the order/shipment is responsible for paying these Custom charges or import tax dutiesUnfortunately, due to various Customs and tax regulations in various countries, we have no control over these charges and/or any delays or disputes so caused. In cases like this, the customer/recipient is responsible to handle and/or settle the issue and charges with the Authorities of your deisgnated country(location). 
  • Please be noted that we cannot undervalue our order(s) and/or mark them as "free gift" item. 
  • If customer/recipient refuses to accept the shipment/ordered item due to customs and/or import tax duties, handling fees and/or any other additional charges, and/or any unexpected delays so caused by the designated country of the customer/recipient, the customer/recipient will be fully responsible for all the expenses incurred, including but not limited to the return shipping fees charged by the shipping agents/couriers, handling and admisintrative fees and/or any other additional charges, etc. 
  • Any type of P.O. Box address is not allowed and will not be accepted for both local and international shipments. 
  • Watch Outz will not be responsible or liable for any delays so caused by any Custom Authorities due to the custom clearance process and practices may varies in different countries. 
  • Watch Outz will not be responsible or liable for any delays and/or service adjustments so caused by post offices, postal service provider and/or the shipping courier services provider.
  • Watch Outz will not be responsible or liable for any lost or stolen items confirmed to be delivered by post offices, postal service provider and/or the shipping courier services provider to the designated shipping address provided by customer/recipient of an order, according to shipment tracking record. 
  • Watch Outz reserves the right to update/adjust it's shipping policy and/or shipping fees at its sole discretion without prior notice and/or announcement. 
  • In case of any dispute, Watch Outz's decision will be considered as final and conclusive.



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