Citizen Parawater Kuroshio '64

In 1963, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology were to embark on an ocean current survey, with bottles dropped in the sea with a survey form contained in it, if people who picked them up to fill in and send back. This survey was later on connected with Citizen, it was the perfect opportunity to do the ocean current survey together with a performance test of the Citizen Parawater at the same time.

Furter in 1964, the test was extended and named “Kuroshio 64” after the Kuroshio current that flows past Taiwan and the southeast coast of Japan. 47 buoys with a Citizen Parawater
 watch were each dropped off the coast of the Sanin sea.

The new Citizen Kuroshio ’64 has a design that takes many cues from the original Citizen Parawater of 1959, with many similarities that are obvious at first glance, from the shape of the case and lugs, to the arrowhead hour markers, dauphine hands and domed crystal.
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