King Seiko

King Seiko, is a mechanical watch brand under Seiko that embrace beautifully designed and finished mechanical watches with the highest accuracy. Showing the world that Japanese watchmaking skills and abilities are aligned with international top brands.

In the latter half of the 1950s, Seiko reexamined the performance required of watches and released a series of epoch-making models with unique ideas in the design and design of movements in order to open up a new era of domestic Japanese watches. Following the success of Grand Seiko which is considered as the highest peak of Japnese made wristwatches in 1960, Seiko introduced "King Seiko" in the following year.

King Seiko expands the excellency of performance as a luxury wristwatch, incorporating advanced design, and targeting to reasonable pricetags, has brought the definition  of Japanese made luxury watches to a whole new dimension.
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