Casio G-Shock GXW GX-Series

From the ever-evolving G-Shock series, a new series that aims to adopted to impact forces from all directions is born, with the accent of the very first Casio G-Shock in square face design. This is the GX-series, the "G" is referring to Gravity, while the "X" is an extract from the word "Extra".

Using a two-layer urethane bezel structure, the GXW models are constructed with another bezel stacked inside a conventional urethane bezel. On the outside covered with Hard urethane that guards the direct impact, inside lies with soft urethane that absorbs impact wraps around the inner core and electronics. Resulting in a very muscular and even tough outlook.

In terms of functionality, the series is equipped with standard radio wave reception and tough solar of 6 stations in the world. 

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