Casio G-Shock MT-G

MT-G, "Metal-Twisted G-Shock"


The Casio MT-G takes another step forward on its evolutionary journey.

Watch Outz is proud to present the Metal-Twisted G-Shock (MT-G) collection that is nothing less than the finest, most sophisticated, and advanced design watches by Casio.

What makes this series more striking is its technological advancement. The models maintain a constant Bluetooth connection with a smartphone running the G-Shock Connected application.

Its solar-powered timekeeping also achieves innovative downsizing at the same time.

It uses the app to obtain accurate time information from an online time server.

Even if your smartphone connection is not possible, the MULTIBAND 6 feature will automatically adjust the time based on the reception of one of the six calibration signals around the globe when you are within the range of a signal.

No matter where your travel takes you, MT-G will accurately adjust time settings.

The MT-G range features an all-new and high shock resistance structure with impeccable technology and design. The series’ tough structure is built to withstand external shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibrations.

Each piece is absolutely stunning and is a perfect addition to your collection.

The new core guard structure boasts of stronger shock support and absorption with the exterior instead of the core. The inner case is protected from outside shock by a strong metal cargo frame.

The MT-G cases are constructed from carbon-fiber-reinforced resin that makes it more lightweight and offers higher rigidity.

At the Watch Outz collection, there are eight models you can choose from. Check out the Blue Phoenix-Inspired Beauty that features a rainbow Ion plating on the bezel and case if you opt for a more adventurous design.

Another line-up favorite is the Tough Solar MTG-B2000BD-1A4 that has an elegantly attractive bezel with a refined mirror finish.

Be amazed by the Digital Camouflage MTG-B1000DCM-1A model’s high-transparency sapphire crystal dial protection.

If you love black and red watches, check out Carbon Monocoque Solar Black-IP and the All Black and Red models.

At Watch Outz, we are as passionate and enthusiastic as you when it comes to exquisite and world-class Japanese watches. Find the best model that suits your personality. Own a Casio MT-G model today!
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