Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean

The Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Collection is a special edition series of watches that combines the iconic design and high-performance capabilities of the Prospex line with a unique theme: ocean conservation. Each watch in the collection features a distinctive dial and bezel design that evokes the beauty and power of the world's oceans. The collection is inspired by Seiko's long-standing commitment to sustainability and their partnership with ocean conservation non-profit organization, Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center.

The Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Collection is built to withstand the demands of any adventure, with high-quality materials and precision engineering. The watches are powered by Seiko's innovative and reliable automatic movements, and are water-resistant to depths of up to 200 meters. The cases are made of durable stainless steel or titanium, and feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystals.

Each watch in the Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Collection is more than just a timepiece, it is a symbol of Seiko's dedication to ocean conservation. A portion of the proceeds from the collection is donated to the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, which supports a variety of ocean conservation initiatives around the world.

The Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Collection builds upon Seiko's long history of innovation and quality, and its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This special edition collection combines the best of Seiko's design and engineering with a meaningful cause, making it a must-have for anyone who cares about the future of our planet.

The Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Collection is not just a collection of watches, but a statement of purpose. It represents Seiko's deep connection to the ocean and the company's dedication to protecting it for future generations. By wearing a watch from this collection, you are not only getting a high-quality timepiece, but also supporting a worthy cause.

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