Casio was a company found in the 1950s manufacturing electronic calculators, after enormous success in the industry especially with compact size calculators, they grabbed the golden chance during the era of the technological revolution of a timepiece from mechanical to quartz mechanism, Casio made intensive efforts to overcome all barriers, in 1974 released the first electronic wristwatch, the CASIOTRON. This watch not only showed the hours, minutes, and seconds but also had a unique function that could automatically determine the number of days in a month.

This advancement of this new product range had lead to the birth of the ever success brand name, the G-SHOCK, which has lead the world of the wristwatch, in terms of durability and functionality, to a completely new dimension. The love for Casio watches is not limited to practicality, functions, and designs are making them closely related to the fashion world and worldwide hits. That's why you can find a wide range of series under this category, MT-G, MR-G, G-SQUAD, MUDMASTER, GRAVITYMASTER, FROGMAN, RANGEMAN and more.

In terms of pursuit to perfection, another product line EDIFICE continues to pursue further evolution, perfectly combining advanced technology and dynamic aesthetics, create a pointer watch with multiple functions. By integrating the rapid pleasure of racing and the fine dial design, Casio strives to continuously breakthrough timepiece technology and to create multi-functional pointer watches. The brand concept of achieving speed and wisdom is dedicated to you who master every moment.


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