The Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 - SPB253J1, SPB255J1, SPB257J1 & SLA061J1

Seiko is relentless and is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to releasing vintage-inspired dive watches. 

This year, Seiko Prospex is giving us four new limited edition models in their 2022 Black Series. The series is a ‘modern reimagining’ of Seiko’s 1965, 1968, and 1970 dive watches. As they expand the Black Series of night-diving watches, Seiko fans are extremely excited as this release is a strong way to start the year.

The mechanical divers watch modern reinterpretations showcase the old models’ features that many enthusiasts and fans across the globe adored including their tough specifications and flowing case design. 

The Seiko Prospex Black Series was first introduced in 2020, each model featured a black DLC-coated stainless steel case which is loved by many watch enthusiasts and collectors. 

These 2020 special series include the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Black Series SLA035 or the so-called “Professional” watch that comes in a 44.3mm x 15.4mm case with 300-meter water resistance and is only limited to 600 pieces.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Marine Master  SLA035

Alongside the Professional is the Seiko “Sumo” Prospex Black Series model SPB125J1 which features a 6R35 automatic movement with 70 hours of power reserve. It has a curved lug design that is similar to Speedmaster. Sumo Black Series is limited to 7,000 pieces.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Sumo SPB125

SSC761J1 Prospex Black Series on the other hand is solar-powered and comes in a slightly smaller diameter case with 200-meter water resistance. 

Seiko Prospex Black Series Chrono SSC761

All these three 2020 Black Series dive watch models come on a black rubber accordion-style Seiko strap.

The great success of the 2020 Trio Black Series has led Seiko to expand their night-diving design accent onto other iconic Prospex models in 2021 and the entire watch industry exhilarated when Seiko released their 2021 Black Series Limited Edition watches. The collection is brilliant as it included the brand’s signature designs - “Samurai”, “Tuna”, and “Monster”.

The Samurai SRPH11K1 Black Series is only limited to 8,000 pieces and is inspired by the mysterious world of night-diving just like the other models. It features an angular shape design as if it were sliced by a Japanese Samurai. 

Seiko Prospex Black Series Samurai 

The Monster SRPH13K1 Black Series is limited to 7,000 pieces and its bezel resembles that of a monster’s open mouth baring its teeth.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Monster SRPH13K1

The Tuna SNE577P1 Black Series is limited to 5,000 pieces and is solar-powered. It has a larger diameter and a bold shape like a tuna can.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Tuna SNE577P1

The 2022 Seiko Prospex Black Series includes SPB253J1, SPB255J1, SPB257J1, and SLA061J1. 

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB253 SPB255 SPB257

The first three models are equipped with Caliber 6R35 which delivers a power reserve of 70 hours. They are secured in a fabric strap that incorporates a traditional Japanese braiding technique called ‘Seichu’. An additional black silicone strap is also included.

These three models offer 200-meter water resistance and are limited only to 5,500 pieces each.

Their dials and bezels have orange accents to capture the light that shines under the sea at night. The second hand in orange is a perfect and quiet contrast to the sleek dial design.

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB253 bezel

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 lumbrite

The Lumibrite hands ensure legibility in the darkest conditions of deep-sea diving. SPB253J1, SPB255J1, and SPB257J1 have 24 jewels, a date display, and a stop-seconds hand function.

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB253 SPB255 SPB257

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB253

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB255

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SPB257

One highly interesting and intriguing addition to the usual trio Black Series release of Seiko is SLA061J1. This model is limited to 1,000 pieces only.

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SLA061J1

It features a curved sapphire crystal, 26 jewels, date display, stop-seconds hand function, anti-reflective coating on the inner surface, automatic with manual winding, Lumibrite on hands, a 660-ft or 200-meter water resistance, and boasts a caliber of 8L35 with a power reserve of 50 hours. Its orange seconds-hand accent blends in perfectly with the background dial pattern that resembles the texture of the sand on the sea bed.

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SLA061J1

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SLA061J1 dial

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SLA061J1

Seiko Prospex Black Series 2022 SLA061J1

Each model is true to its heritage design. The Black Series is perfect for daily use, formal occasions, outdoor recreations, and most especially, deep-sea diving.

Seiko is known for producing valuable, reliable, and world-class timepieces. Their amazing and exquisite line of diver’s watches are incredibly popular among collectors and this 2022 Seiko Prospex Black Series is sure to become another favorite.

The Black Series for this year is worth collecting because it can hold its value very well. Since they are only limited in number, buying one is a wise decision and a perfect investment. The price is expected to appreciate over time.

Whether you are an experienced collector or just about to start your luxury watch assemblage, the Black Series 2022 is a smart choice.

These iconic, limited-edition lineup of the brand’s most celebrated timepieces are a dream in the world of horology. With Seiko’s strong reputation and high levels of expertise in creating dive watches, it is easy to say that collecting the Black Series models will surely be worth it.

Collecting a vintage model reinterpretation is not only financially rewarding but is also an excellent avenue to show your genuine horology appreciation.

The Black Series 2022 will be available at WatchOutz in mid-March. Don’t miss out on this limited chance to get a hold of one of the world’s greatest timepieces.

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