Seiko Automatic Movement: Caliber - 6R35

The Seiko caliber 6R35 is an automatic movement that is part of what Seiko refers to as the high-performance 6R series caliber. The 6R35 is considered an upgraded successor of the Seiko famous star-caliber 6R15. Apart from slightly thinner in size, the caliber 6R35 holds a power reserve of at least 70 hours, which is 20 hours more than the 6R15. To fully wind the mainspring, we will have to turn the crown a minimum of 55 times. Similar to the famous 6R15, caliber 6R35 is now used for many Seiko iconic serious pieces including the Alpinists SARB, Prospex Sumo, and the retro 62MAS. 6R35 is one of the most reliable and robust calibers for Seiko in 2020! 

Here in Watch Outz International, a wide range of Seiko's timepieces powered by Caliber 6R35 is available. 

Caliber 6R35
Diameter 27.40mm
Height 5.25mm
Jewels 24
Vibrations 21,600 bph Per Hour
Lift Angle 53 degrees
Diashock Shock System
Power Reserve ~70 hours
Rotor Direction: Bi-directional (Magic Lever)
Hacking: Yes
Hand-Windable: Yes
Magnetic Resistance: 4,800 A/m (60 gauss)
Functions Hours, minutes, central second hand, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Japan

Known Models
Presage models: SPB127 (SARX069), SPB131 (SARX073), SPB129 (SARX071), SPB115, SBP113, SPB095 (Arita), SPB111, SARX081, SARX063
Prospex Alpinist: SPB117 (SBDC087), SPB119 (SBDC089), SPB121 (SBDC091), SPB123 (SBDC093), SPB155 (SBDC115), SPB157 (SBDC117), SPB159 (SBDC119),
Prospex Sumo: SPB101, SPB103 (SBDC081), SPB125 (SBDC095), SBDC113, SBDC114, SPB143 (SBDC101), SPB145 (SBDC103), SPB147 (SBDC105), SPB149 (SBDC107), SBDC097, SBDC099, SPB153

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