Affordable Pepsi Bezels Review!

The red and blue Pepsi colors bezel has become an iconic design for diver’s watch, multiple international luxury watch brands have had similar bi-color red and blue bezel designs. The Pepsi Bezel originated from the Rolex GMT-Master, specially made for flight crews so that they can easily distinguish between day and night in the second time zone. Later on, it eventually migrated to other divers watches, thus become fashionable to dress with. 

Today, we have selected three affordable Pepsi Bezels to look at; these are all affordable ones from Citizen and Seiko, and they are all under USD400. 

Unlike other high-end luxury brands, the majority of Pepsi Bezels come with a stainless steel bracelet; sometimes, it is really not that comfortable to wear for a long period of time. We have selected three pieces with a rubber strap that is rather fashionably easy-going. We have the CITIZEN Promaster Automatic 200M Diver Fugu Limited Edition NY0110-13E, the SEIKO Prospex X PADI Automatic Diver’s  200M Baby Turtle SRPC41K1, and the SEIKO Prospex Automatic Diver SRP779J1. 

Before we go into details, technology and specification wise, these three divers are very similar. All three are automatic divers with 200M waterproof and power reserve of up to 40 hours. Both Citizen and Seiko offer a reliable caliber, not needed to worry too much about its performance. 

The Citizen NY0110-13E carries its unique Fugu Pepsi bezel, very distinctive amongst the three. NY0110-13E has upgraded to Sapphire glass and Polyurethane, highly value for money. Many also like the Fugu because of its comfortably located crown. NY0110-13E has slightly enlarged its case to 44mm, it certainly gave it a bolder look and much better matching with modern fashion. 

The PADI Baby Turtle SRPC41K1 looks stunning on hand. The black wave PADI pattern dial is crafted in detail; not exaggerating yet subtle. Unlike many divers come with a black strap, SRPC41K1 comes with a deep marine blue silicone strap. Again, it looks subtle on hand, its uniqueness reveals when the marine blue strap is visible under bright sunlight. SRPC41K1 has a slightly smaller case, it is suitable for all arm size arm. 

The Seiko Prospex SRP779J1 felt rather familiar and classic. As it is a replica of the famous 6309, the appearance is retro and never outdated. Like all other turtles from Seiko, it kept the iconic shape design with the crown located on the four o’clock position. SRP779J1 is 100% made in Japan, reliability can be felt by the quality stainless steel case. The 44.3mm diameter SRP779J1 looks good on most daily smart-casual occasions. 

A picture worth a thousand words, a video probably worth much more. Check out our videos showing the details of our selected affordable Pepsi Bezels! 

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