Casio G-shock Frogman Tough Solar ICERC Love the Sea and the Earth Limited GF-8251K-7JR
Casio G-shock ICERC Love the Sea and the Earth Frogman  GF-8251K-7JR Transparent Band
Casio G-shock ICERC Love the Sea and the Earth Frogman  GF-8251K-7JR Special Packaging Box
Casio G-shock ICERC Love the Sea and the Earth Frogman  GF-8251K-7JR Promo

Casio G-Shock X I.C.E.R.C Love the Sea and the Earth Frogman 25th Anniversary GF-8251K-7JR

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International Cetacean Education Research Center I.C.E.R.C x Casio Frogman - Love The Sea And The Earth 25th Anniversary Edition


In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the G-SHOCK & BABY-G DOLPHIN & WHALE series, Casio G-Shock continues to launch a commemorative watch in cooperation with the marine conservation group-International Whale and Dolphin Education and Research Center ICERC JAPAN.

Under the theme of "Love The Sea And The Earth", G-SHOCK continues to cooperate with environmental conservation groups in various fields. Since 1994, they have cooperated with the ICERC JAPAN Association for the conservation of whales and dolphins, and The whale and dolphin series watches are issued regularly every year to awaken people's attention to the marine environment and the conservation of whales and dolphins.

The 25th Anniversary of the 2019 Whale and Dolphin series includes this GF-8251K and GW-6903K. The design of the strap is printed with 24 different whale patterns, and the cold light illuminated whale pattern just happens to symbolize the 25th anniversary. 25 whales, the blue colour of the watch case symbolizes the largest animal on the planet, the blue whale, and the back cover is engraved with the words Love The Sea And The Earth 2019, telling the family of four seas that humans and all things live together on the earth to remind humans In addition to the special outer box packaging, a dedicated brochure is also included to explain the significance and purpose of this cooperation.

The GF-8251K is an extension of the GF-8250 series and belongs to the G-SHOCK FROGMAN watch series. It is equipped with an ISO standard waterproof 200 meters. Its left and right asymmetric case is the biggest feature. 

± 15 seconds Average monthly difference
Tough solar charging system
27 months in power saving state

Shock Resistant
Case: High-strength resin material
Mineral Glass
Whale pattern printed and blue ion plating on the bezel
52.0 × 50.3 × 18.0 mm size
112 gram

Other Details
Japanese Domestic Market
Water Resistant 200M
Diving function
Log data memory
Tide graph
Moon data
World time
Battery indicator display
Full auto-calendar
12/24 hour system display switching
ON / OFF switching function
EL Backlight









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