Casio G-shock Frogman 35th Anniversary Magma Ocean GWF-1035F-1JR

Casio G-Shock Frogman 35th Anniversary Magma Ocean GWF-1035F-1

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Casio G-Shock Frogman 35th Anniversary "Magma Ocean" Tough Solar Multi Band 6


Casio G-Shock launched the 35th-anniversary all-new commemorative series named the "MAGMA OCEAN" collection. This series is inspired by the lava sea and uses the brand's representative colours black and red as the main theme colour. The overall colour scheme shows the red lava covering the surface of the earth in the early stage during the planet's formation. The magma ocean is specially designed with rose gold and gold embellishments to bring up hot visual effects. The "MAGMA OCEAN" series also symbolizes the origin of Casio G-Shock and will continue to create and innovate the core value in the future.

This "MAGMA OCEAN" Frogman is as well a celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Frogman series, to commemorate the first FROGMAN model launched in 1993, the exclusive logo "diving frog" is cleverly designed throughout the watch. The back of the entire series of watches is engraved with the G-Shock 35th anniversary Logo designed by the well-known artist Eric Haze; and is matched with a commemorative special packaging, which has a unique collection value. The GWF-1035F is specially printed with the FROGMAN exclusive logo - "a frog diving in the deep sea", 25 different styles of diving Frogs are cleverly designed throughout the watch, fans can enjoy the fun of looking for diving frogs on the watch.

GWF-1035F-1 Specifications

  • Stainless Steel and Resin case 
  • Resin Band
  • Mineral glass
  • Screw case back
  • ISO 200m diver-level water resistance
  • Tough Solar
  • MULTIBAND 6 (Automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six time calibration signals around the globe: Japan (2), China, United States, England, Germany.)
  • World Time
  • Tide Graph/Moon Data
  • Underwater depth measurement up to 80 meters (in 10 cm units)
  • Bearing measurement regardless of wrist position (auto level correction)
  • Dive start time, dive time, minimum water temperature, maximum depth
  • The ascent rate alarm alerts you when the rate of ascent is 10 meters per minute or faster.
  • Super Illuminator high brightness Full Auto LED illumination
  • Full automatic calendar (~2099)
  • 12/24 Hours display
  • Estimated battery life:
    When the solar cell is not generating electricity, the continuous operation time after fully charged:
    When each function is operating normally: about 8 months
    In the power-saving state: about 26 months


    Size of case / Total weight
    • Size of case: 58.3×52.8×18mm
    • Total weight: 115g