Grand Seiko Automatic Spring Drive Movement: Caliber - 9R65

Grand Seiko Automatic Spring Drive 3-Day Caliber 9R65

The 9R Spring Drive movement is by far the most groundbreaking movement family by Grand Seiko. It is a mechanical genius made by their top of the line engineers. As they explain it, the Spring Drive combines the best of quartz timekeeping and the best of mechanical watchmaking. These two create a state of the art caliber. 

The mechanism is exquisite, brilliant, and revolutionary. Along with the beautiful movement of 9R Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are impeccable and elegant designs. 

The Spring Drive is one of the greatest innovations in modern watchmaking history with its state of the art electronic technology that functions without batteries or another power source - but only via the mainspring.

It is truly an exceptional innovation that we watch enthusiasts must be utterly grateful for. Grand Seiko creates a series of timeless and high quality watches using the Spring Drive technology.

In this collection, you get to pick the best caliber Spring Drive watch that matches your style and personality. From Heritage Collection, Ginza Limited Edition, 200M Wako, Snowflake China, Blue Snowflake, Isetan Shinjuku, Asia, to Sakura Limited Editions, you can find them all here!

Seiko revolutionized the world of watchmaking when it presented its Astron quartz calibre on Christmas Day in 1969 and it signalled the start of more innovations. The Japanese company made the world’s first LCD watch in 1973 and the solar watch in 1977. In 1986, they released their first prototype of the Kinetic calibre where its movement converts kinetic energy to electrical energy. 

The breakthrough of the Spring Drive did not happen overnight. The first manual-winding Calibre 7R68 Spring Drive watch was born in 1999 and the automatic-winding Calibre 9R65 was launched in 2004. But, the story of innovation does not end there.

Now, the Grand Seiko uses this groundbreaking mechanism in their beautiful and elegant watches.

As one of the best watchmakers in the world, Grand Seiko’s 9R65 Calibre Series is among the fastest to gain popularity. Their creations do not fall short in elegance, tasteful designs, boldness, beauty, and quality.

At Watch Outz, we cater to genuine mechanical watch enthusiasts like you because we know exactly what it feels like to be an avid collector.

Time is indeed valuable. Get your own Grand Seiko luxury 9R65 Spring Drive Calibre watch and be amazed by its mechanical genius!


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Grand Seiko Elegance Collection: SBGA407
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