The King Returns - SJE083 King Seiko KSK

Since 1881, Seiko has continued its Japanese craftsmanship for over a century. As the year 2021 marks Seiko’s 140th anniversary, it proudly celebrates such a historic moment with the remake of one of its iconic models - the “King Seiko” SJE083 - also known as the “KSK”.  

The history of King Seiko began 60 years ago when Suwa Seikosha and Daini Seikosha chose to start their own different paths. While Suwa Seikosha took over the Grand Seiko line, Daini Seikosha created the high-end lineup named King Seiko. Featuring trend-setting case design, King Seiko exists as a great competitor for Grand Seiko throughout the classic period. As both lines marked major technical and design advancement cornerstones for Seiko at that point in time, Seiko successfully announced to the world its capability in earning a ticket into the luxurious watch arena. And it was since the 1960s that the watch world realized what Japanese high-quality craftsmanship really meant. 

Unlike other brands with traditional round and smooth contour watch cases, the KSK boldly adopts a square-like and angular shape with defined sharp edges. A retro design based on the 1965 second-generation King Seiko, it has highly replicated the contemporary feel and outdone its original design with the latest super-hard coating. The KSK’s thick and sturdy lugs help to lower its center of gravity and improve wearability as well as comfortability. Moreover, the latest Japanese polish technology named Zaratsu is used for all the stainless steel case surfaces, delivering an ultra-shiny finish comparable to a flawless mirror. An upgraded box-shaped sapphire crystal is used for this masterpiece, as it is meant to be flat with multi-faceted corners so that light coming from various angles can deliberately enhance the sharpness of the fine silver dial. The overall sharp case edges and shiny polish give the watch a muscular look in a stylishly posh manner. 

When designing the flat silver dial, all indexes are detailedly done to re-create the KSK 1965 originality with it being uniquely three-dimensional faceted, and the logo of Seiko elegantly faceted with texture. Although the watch dial, indexes and hands are all shining in one silver color, the SJE083 looks far from dull or outdated. Its silver tone-on-tone design perfectly conveys the meaning of ‘less is more’, with the mix of various silver textures demonstrating its high-value and elegant quality craftsmanship in the most subtle and humble way.  

Inside the KSK, Seiko has placed the utmost reliable automatic movement - Caliber6L35. The eight beat per second movement boasts 26 jewels and offers 45 hours of power reserve. Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide, every watch’s case back bears the golden King Seiko emblem and its limited edition number. Without a doubt, this is a piece of collectible.

A stitchless premium black crocodile band is selected for this masterpiece. The simple silver buckle plays tribute to the original King Seiko by using the 1960’s Seiko Logo, which gives us a taste of the classic. It’s pretty sure this King Seiko goes well with all kinds of smart-casual occasions, giving off a worldly sophisticated look to whoever can get their hands on one. 

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