Seiko Watch Corporation Partners with Sakuho Town, Nagano to Combat Global Warming

The devastating effects of global warming, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather events, have prompted individuals and organizations worldwide to take action. Seiko Watch Corporation, a responsible and environmentally conscious company, has recently concluded a groundbreaking "Forest Adoption Agreement" with Sakuho Town in Nagano Prefecture. This collaboration aims to contribute to the fight against global warming and preserve the natural beauty of the birch forests in Yachiho Kogen.

Seiko Watch Corporation Partners with Sakuho Town, Nagano to Combat Global Warming

On March 21, 2024, Seiko Watch Corporation, represented by President and CEO Akio Naito, signed the "Forest Adoption Agreement" with Sakuho Town, in the presence of Nagano Prefecture. This agreement facilitates a partnership between Seiko Watch and Sakuho Town for the conservation and management of the birch forests in the Yachiho Kogen area.

Key Initiatives:

  1. Forest Conservation Activities: As part of the agreement, Seiko Watch and Sakuho Town will collaborate on various forest conservation initiatives, including the planting of birch trees. The Yachiho Kogen area, known for its pristine natural surroundings, will benefit from these joint efforts.
  1. Carbon Offset: Seiko Watch recognizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint. Through Nagano Prefecture's "Forest CO2 Absorption Evaluation and Certification System," Seiko Watch will implement carbon offset measures. Beginning in fiscal year 2024, a portion of the CO2 emissions generated by Grand Seiko boutiques in Japan will be offset by the CO2 absorption achieved through the managed forest.

The Forest Adoption Agreement between Seiko Watch Corporation and Sakuho Town is valid from March 21, 2024, to March 31, 2025, with automatic renewal for one year. The managed area spans 5.0 hectares, including access roads, in the Yachiho Kogen region.

Grand Seiko, a luxury watch brand under Seiko Watch Corporation, has long celebrated the beauty of Japanese nature in its designs. This includes capturing the essence of mountain ridges and snowfields in the Hida Mountains on its watch dials. Inspired by the birch forests of Yachiho Kogen, where Grand Seiko timepieces are manufactured, the brand has added models that pay homage to this natural wonder. To contribute to the preservation of these birch forests, Grand Seiko will actively engage in conservation activities.

Seiko Watch Corporation's "Forest Adoption Agreement" with Sakuho Town showcases their dedication to combatting global warming and their commitment to sustainable forest conservation. applauds Seiko's environmentally friendly initiatives and eagerly anticipates a greener, more sustainable, and peaceful world. Together, we can make a difference.