The Wako Boutique Fall Season Limited Edition - SBGM249

Having just announced their first ever upcoming participation in the March 2022 Watches and Wonders Geneva Fair, the watch world is eager to see Grand Seiko achieve yet another remarkable year. 

And before Grand Seiko announce their 2022 collection in Geneva, let's have a look at their last but not least 2021 new models - the Wako Boutique Fall Season Limited Edition SBGM249.

Grand Seiko Wako limited edition SBGM249

This Wako limited edition SBGM249 is a brave and bold design for Grand Seiko to say the least. Featuring a delicate stylish light purple color dial and purple needle inspired by both the Kiri flower and Edo Purple, one who wears it will certainly draw attention with such distinctive choice. 

As Iwate's prefectural flower, the purple Kiri flower symbolizes Mt. Iwate - an object of worship for the Japanese, which is also where the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi is located. The SBGM249 is also based on the concept of Edo Purple, which has always been regarded as a noble color since ancient times. 

Like all other Grand Seiko watch dials, the SBGM249 features a sophisticated dial with delicate radial hairlines that appears differently when light changes. When worn at daylight, the dial puts on a silver or champagne color tone. At most times, the stamping pattern expresses the light purple surface of Mt. Iwate. As a total contrast from the subtle Wako Boutique Limited Edition Black Dial SBGA457 launched earlier this year, the SBGM249 is a much more vibrant and striking watch to wear.
Grand Seiko 2021 Wako Limited Edition SBGM249

Wako Limited Model SBGM249 is part of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection.

SBGM249 Specifications:
Automatic winding (cal.9S66).
Average daily difference -3 seconds to +5 seconds
28,800 vibrations / hour
Power reserve of about 72 hours
35 Jewels.
Diameter 39.5 mm
Waterproof for everyday life
See-through back

The SBGM249 comes with a brown crocodile leather strap for replacement and is limited to 50 pieces with serial number.

It is now available at Watch Outz, do drop us a line at if you are interested.