SANKUANZ x G-Shock “Kill the Wall” MTG-B2000SKZ-1A Collaboration Watch

The MTG-B2000SKZ-1A is designed by the famous Chinese fashion label Sankuanz! The popular streetwear label, known for its bold and hip style and worn by celebrities likes Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Lisa from Blackpink; extremely popular in the Asia pop culture. 


The MTG-B2000SKZ-1A was premiered in the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection at Paris Fashion Week Online. MTG-B2000SKZ-1A is the second G-Shock designed by Sankuanz. Their first collaboration was the GA-700SKZ-7ADR in 2017, which was made to celebrate Casio G-Shock’s 35th anniversary. It was already a great hit worldwide at that time. 


The MTG-B2000SKZ-1A has neon green accents on the marker ends as well as the lower right ‘Start’ button. Like the previous MT-G, the neon green accent also found under the resin layer bracelet inner. All these subtle neon hints are matching the theme color of the “Phosphorescence” collection from the Sankuanz Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

“Kill the Wall” is the theme and the message that Sankuanz wants to express when designing the MTG-B2000SKZ-1A; the meaning behind is that fashion and street culture can go hand in hand, not necessarily need to separate them by high walls. 

The latest MTG-B2000 is already a premium MTG; having Sankuanz collaboration will sure be one of the G-Shock star products of 2021! MTG-B2000SKZ-1A is already bidding high on the fashion website 

The MTG-B2000 is built with advanced technology, as it is a high-end and relatively expensive stainless steel model that is made in Japan. Major features include a Carbon Core Guard structure, Tough Solar power, Bluetooth smartphone link, and Triple G Resist for protection against shock, centrifugal force, and heavy vibration. 

The new angular case design is easily recognizable from far; together with the large rugged steel case, it looks sturdy and tough. Unlike other extremely heavy stainless steel watches with heavy stainless steel bracelets; Casio made the MTG-B2000 bracelet be semi-hollowed with the resin composite under, which made it much lighter and much more comfortable to wear. Indeed, it feels warm and comfy even during winter. 

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