Limited Edition Grand Seiko SBGN025: An Elite and Exquisite Collection

Grand Seiko is undeniably one of the most sought after and well-loved watch brands across the globe today with their brilliant and luxurious designs. Historically, Grand Seiko and its parent company Seiko are renowned to be the top most influential watchmakers in the European market for over 50 years.

With their determination to continue their excellence, the first Grand Seiko was released in 1960 and the brand has since proven irresistible to watch collectors and enthusiasts. Their limited editions are indisputably beautiful and of superior quality.

Since the brand commenced, their designers and engineers are keen to create it into the most ideal watch with standards of precision, durability, practicality, superior quality, and exemplary beauty that the whole world will know. It has since become a legendary moment for Seiko.

Grand Seiko aims to pursue a further destination while sticking to their everlasting concept of "pinnacle of practical watchmaking".

At Watch Outz, we are passionate about watches, especially those made in Japan. We adore their impeccable designs and long history of excellent and world class craftsmanship.

Along with our love for their ingenious and amazing collection, we would love to share with you the joy of collecting top of the line watches.

With Grand Seiko’s wide range of collections over the years, we are excited to bring you their latest Grand Seiko Isetan Shinjuku 2021 Sports Collection Limited Edition SBGN025 to be released in November 2021!

Grand Seiko Sports Collection Isetan Shinjuku Store 2021 Limited Model SBGN025

In this blog, we are going to feature this newest model and why it is a perfect addition to your collection.

The Grand Seiko Model SBGN025 is definitely the real thing. It has exquisite design and is elegant in all aspects.

Grand Seiko Sports Collection Isetan Shinjuku Store 2021 Limited Model SBGN025 - PREORDER by

This limited sports collection edition has a stainless steel case, high-precision battery-powered quartz Cal. 9F86 with GMT function.

Grand Seiko Quartz Movement Caliber 9F86

It has a gray dial with an organic “bark of a large tree” pattern which is the most distinctive feature of SBGN025. The level of craftsmanship on this dial is impeccable and is also valiantly unified with the same silver color for the minute hand. This design is considered to be a very calm and chic impression and version among the GMT models.

They will release only 56 Grand Seiko Model SBGN025 and stay tuned so you wouldn’t miss it! 

Grand Seiko Sports Collection Isetan Shinjuku Store 2021 Limited Model SBGN025 - Case Back

We all know that a limited edition watch goes up in value quickly and this watch model is something to keep your eye on! If you happened to miss the other editions, it is about time to make amends. 

At Watch Outz International, we cater to genuine mechanical watch enthusiasts like you because we know exactly what it feels like to be an avid collector. We also offer other exquisite and limited edition watch models from Seiko Prospex, Seiko, Casio, Citizen, and Orient.

Grand Seiko, as a respected and trusted brand, provides much more value to your money and luxury watches are a great investment. There is plenty to love about this Japanese marque.

Watch out for the release of the Grand Seiko SBGN025 model and own one or two! 


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