At the latter half of 2020, Grand Seiko presents another 60th Anniversary limited edition: SBGR321 - “Mount Iwate, the beauty of dawn”

2020 has been a very tough year for many of us, it has also been very difficult for a lot of businesses around the globe. Especially for the Japanese, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has to be postponed. However, 2020 is still very important for Grand Seiko, it is their 60th anniversary. The 60th meant a lot to a time maker, every hour has 60 minutes, every minute has 60 seconds. Moreover, the number 60 in Japan has an additional significance as a moment of new energy and rebirth. 

Since January 2020, Grand Seiko began their celebration by launching the exciting elegant sunburst blue dial watches, the Hi-Beat model SBGH281, the quartz SBGP007, the quartz SBGP015 (currently on sale at Watch Outz), and the ladies’ automatic STGK015. All these blue sunburst dial designs are inspired by the color of the sunrise at Mount Iwate, where the Grand Seiko new Shizukuishi workshop is located. 

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Special Edition


And on 1st of September, 2020, Grand Seiko officially announced another piece of blue dial 60th Anniversary limited edition - the SBGR321. Inspired by the peaceful dawn of Mount Iwate, Grand Seiko’s watchmaker artistically used the red color tip of the second hand to illustrate the slight sparkle red beam that shines out from the deep blue sky of Shizukuishi. In addition, it has a display see-through case back showing a red and blue colored titanium rotor which, again is inspired by dawn over Mount Iwate matching the iconic Grand Seiko blue dial. 

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Special Edition SBGR321

The watch is powered by Caliber 9S65, which delivers a power reserve of 72 hours and a precision rate of +5 to -3 seconds a day. It is assembled, adjusted, and inspected by hand at Studio Shizukuishi, where the top of the line masterpieces are manufactured. 

The finest dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on its inner surface is used for SBGR321. The case size is 40mm, with a thickness of 13mm. The strap is built with the finest stainless steel and a three-fold clasp mechanism is used. 

The SBGR321 is a limited edition of 2,500 pieces and will be available worldwide from October this year. All of these 60th Anniversary limited editions are cornerstones for pointing the way forward to the next sixty-year cycle of Grand Seiko’s life. 

This SBGR321 is an automatic movement which should cost around USD1,000 less than the more limited SBGH281 Hi-Beat 60th Anniversary model. If you admire the Grand Seiko blue-dialed limited edition but do not wish to go for the Hi-Beat, SBGR321 might be the right choice for you. 

For Grand Seiko Fans, please do not forget that a series of Shizukuishi nature-inspired designs were also released recently, including the ruby-red sunburst dial of SBGJ021 which was meant to evoke how Mount Iwate looks when the first rays of sunlight shine at dawn; as well as the yet to release SBGH283 that has a green dial which salutes to the verdant green landscape around the studio.

Grand Seiko 2020 New Release SBGJ021

Grand Seiko 2020 New Release SBGH283
Once we have our hands on the SBGR321, we shall report to everyone immediately!

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