Crafter Blue Diver Strap for your Seiko SKX

When we keep hearing about the discontinue of Seiko's SKX series in the market, even though there are still plenty of supplies, more and more watch enthusiasts and Seiko lovers are searching for this timepiece again, we are predicting they will start getting 'rare'.

The good news is, if you are looking for this model, please visit our webshop. And if you already have one or planning to get one, you may be interested in finding a nice rubber band to replace the original one, and one of the best quality rubber strap producers available for SKX series you can find is Crafter Blue.

Back in 2014, Crafter Blue noticed there is no other company interested in producing high-quality straps for the Seiko watches, therefore they decided to step ahead and became the first company to develop curved end rubber straps specifically for Seiko's dive watches and the results worldwide are so great that they started developing rubber straps for other popular brands as well.

The Crafter Blue CB05 and CB10 are the perfect curved end rubber band engineered specifically for Seiko SKX007, SKX009, and SKX011 models and new Seiko 5 models, which is also known as the new SKX series. The rubber straps are made from vulcanized rubber, which is extremely rigid and provides extra strength and tendency, they are water-resistant and will not change color or fade due to extreme weather or usage, thanks to the extra chemical processing to enhance the protection from water and sunlight.

There are various color options available for you to match your personal style or occasions. The CB05 is available in Black, Navy Blue, and Orange. The CB10 is available in Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Green Black/Red, and Navy/Red. Extra spring bars will be included for making the switch as easy as possible. 

Crafter Blue CB10 Rubber Band Switch on SKX by Watch Outz

Here is an example of switching to a Crafter Blue CB10 Green rubber band.

Crafter Blue CB10 Rubber Band Switch on SKX by Watch Outz back 

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