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The GWF-A1000 is no stranger to many Casio G-Shock Enthusiasts! Have you had a closer look? The analog dial is so much more than what you might have thought. 

The traditional iconic Casio G-Shock Frogman always has a clean and simple digital dial; which is nice and never fails, that's how Casio has been presenting their top of the line G-Shocks. GWF-A1000 is different, its distinct analog hands have undoubtedly assembled the professional diver watch appearance. 

Keeping the classic Frogman exterior; the GWF-A1000 is built with the latest manufacturing craftsmanship - a single unit carbon-fiber-reinforced resin case. Moreover, under such analog fashioned hood, major upgrades on functionality have been made, i.e. Bluetooth connectivity, Radio Control, Tough Solar etc.  A technologically advanced Frogman with physical clock hands on the GWF-A1000, to me, is a stunning re-creation.

If you are a Frogman lover, it's worth owning one! Amongst the various colorways; I personally like the GWF-A1000-1A. The distinguished yellow accent is absolutely eye-catching yet subtle. 

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