Casio G-shock Lightning Yellow Series for Team G-Shock/Baby-G

Since the release of the first Casio G-shock in 1983, the brand has diversified the features and designs to cater to the needs of nearly all kinds of professionals that need to depend on a tough and reliable timepiece. And the success of G-Shock has gradually expanded further, from a serious piece of equipment to possibilities of linking with other dimensions in culture, fashion, and sports.   

G-shock in fact can be described as a unique culture with a dedicated group of supporters worldwide. The Top athletes active worldwide who sympathize with G-SHOCK's toughness spirits are the TEAM G-SHOCK. 

This NEW Lightning Yellow Series is a general series made for the top athletes lined up by CASIO named "TEAM G-SHOCK" and "TEAM BABY-G", they are the DW-5600TGA-9JF based on the original DW-5600 model, the DW-6900TGA-9JF based on the DW-6900 model and a Baby-G model BGD-560TG-9JF.







The zic-zac look lightning bolt motif in grey and back on the face inside each of the three bezels is used to represents the strength, power, and speed of the athletes in different kinds of sports. 

All three models featured a two-tone color theme, with a bright fluorescent yellow representing the moment of a lightning strike, and either the top or bottom of the band is in pure white, matched with a black strap ring. On the backlight EL LCD, a Lightning design has also been used. The word "ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS" was printed on the band of the two G-Shocks (DW-6900TGA-9JF &  DW-5600TGA-9JF), this is the concept and belief of the brand G-shock that continues to inspire athletes to continue to accept challenges and extend their abilities to even further.

The official listed price including tax for both DW-5600TGA-9JF and DW-6900TGA-9JF are Japanese Yen 13,200, and the Baby-G model BGD-560TG-9JF is Japanese Yen 11,550. 

A special site for this Lightning Yellow Series is also available to deliver more detailed experience and images of the top athletes of "TEAM G-SHOCK" and "TEAM BABY-G". 

Of the athletes in the team, you can also find the basketball player Rui Hachimura (八村 塁), he made history by being named the first Japanese-born player in the NBA draft by Washington Wizards, he was being selected 9th overall in the first round by the Wizards.

Rui Hachimura in Casio G-shock Lightning Yellow Series

Rui Hachimura with a DW-6900TGA-9JF.

Watch Outz will keep an eye on the arrival of this series, stay tuned! 

For more information please visit G-Shock.JP.