Casio G-Shock GW-5000-1JF has returned!

GW-5000-1JF brings back the G-SHOCK original 1983 design, yet it incorporates the latest technology with a high-quality finish. 

Pursuing further G-Shock toughness while inheriting the DNA of the original DW, GW-5000-1JF is the first DW model that uses a heavy metal screw back design; it is treated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) to enhance wear resistance. Moreover, the back case is also extremely polished processed to produce a high-quality feel. You can absolutely feel the weight when you had it on hand. 

Technology-wise, it is also the DW model equipped with the modern "must-haves" tech, including Multi-band 6 terrestrial radio wave reception from 6 transmission stations worldwide, including Japan, North America, UK, Europe, and China. Of course, the efficient Casio Tough solar tech is incorporated in this GW-5000-1JF; no longer need to worry about changing battery all the time. 

Last but not lease, GW-5000-1JF is also a JDM model (Japanese Domestic Model) that made for Japan's local market. It is not easy to get one overseas, it has been out of stock for quite some period of time. Luckily, Watch Outz has recently obtained a few, please check us out! 

For an in-depth GW-5000-1JF review, you can refer to G-Central, the famous G-Shock watch fan blog! 

If you are a fan of the DW-5000 series, we strongly suggest you to check out the GW-5000-1JF! 

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