Cocktail Drink List by Seiko Presage

By combining Japanese aesthetic sense with the unique and traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, Seiko Presage had once again brought to you a stunning, elegance and beautiful collection, this is another vintage feel series, inspired by the concept of those bars that you came across, and stopped by for a taste of drink after work, or during your precious journey in an unforgettable vacation.

This Presage vintage series is consists of three beautifully tuned cocktails, Seiko presented them with identical overall designs and materials, while each piece is blended with a unique and subtle colorway. The geometrically embedded diamond shape pattern on the dial is a direct reflection of the bottom of a vintage cocktail glass.  

Seiko Presage Vintage Cocktail Series

The idea of the numeral on the dials is imitating the wordings on the label of a wine bottle. The shape of the second's hand also looks really like a cocktail pick, that complete the cocktail as a really good one.

The SPRE41J1 in deep red leather strap and red wine like gradation on the dial was inspired by a cocktail, the Negroni. 

Seiko Presage Cocktail Series Negroni SRPE41J1

The SRPE43J1 in deep blue leather strap and dial was inspired by another cocktail, the Old Clock; The dial pattern on this one was especially concrete and pops out as if the silver hands and indexes were floating "ice rocks" in the glass.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Series Old Clock SRPE43J1

The SRPE45J1 in coffee brown leather strap, green dial with an additional golden accent on indexes and hands was undoubtfully inspired by one of the most popular cocktail, the Mojito. Looking at the watch alone was like tasting the mint leaves and have a sip of the glass tip.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Series Mojito SRPE45J1 

All three of them features Seiko's 4R35 automatic Caliber that provides you approximately 41 hours of reserve power, this 4R35 power unit, also provides you with manual winding function, is widely used in other Seiko's popular Prospex Diver's models like the "Samurai" or "Mini Turtle". The 38.5mm diameter watch case with only 11.8mm thickness ensures a comfortable fit on your wrist.  

So, stay tuned with Watch Outz.

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